A strong Partnership with Parents is fundamental.  Feedback from the children and from their parents is encouraged both informally through our 'open door' policy and via questionnaires at various points during the year.

Some of the comments received from parents of children who left to go to Primary School in July 2018: 

“After 10 years of children at the Rocking Horse I cannot believe we won’t be coming back. You’ve taken such great care of my 3 children who have all loved coming in every day.[Child] wishes he could take you all to his new school!”

“I think Rocking Horse is absolutely amazing. So much better than I can adequately explain in writing. Thank you for enabling my children to be part of this unique and special environment. It is such a privilege to start their learning/school journey at RH!”

"We have been delighted from start to finish and couldn’t ask for more!”

Thank you for helping me give the children the best possible start – I will always feel grateful we had this opportunity.”

All I can say is Thank You. To see the changes and the confidence [child] has is down to the hard work and commitment through the Rocking Horse.”

“Rocking Horse has been an amazing start to education for all of my boys."

“An absolutely wonderful, supportive and encouraging environment in which to learn and play.”

“Absolutely delighted. Could not have been happier.”

“We have been extremely happy. It was the first time that [child’s name] was ever away from me and she has thrived.”

“We have loved being part of The Rocking Horse. Thank you for everything.”

“Such a wonderful, nurturing environment.”

“An outstanding two years, thank you.”

“Your pastoral care is amazing and all three of my boys have thoroughly enjoyed Rocking Horse.”

“I cannot imagine a better place for a child to spend the preschool years! Rocking Horse is a gentle, safe, fun and most importantly kind environment within which children can flourish.”

“Fantastic experience and so many memories have been made.” 

Quality of Care - Feedback from parents:

“RH is such a caring nursery – it treats every child as an individual, offering support and encouragement with such a wide range of activities.Manners are valued, as is kindness.”

“I have always appreciated phone calls when [child] has been upset and I have really appreciated your support with [child] over the last few weeks.”

“[Child] has always arrived home wanting us to know about her day and different stories and songs she has learnt.”

“The quality of care at Rocking Horse is exceptionally high; so welcoming and supportive.”

“[Child] has always come out of nursery with a smile, which is sentiment to how much he enjoys his time there. I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to education for my child.”

Quality of Environment - Feedback from parents:

"The nursery was always clean, bright, tidy, well organised and I felt completely confident that the children were safe and stimulated and, above all, having fun. You were so careful with my son’s allergies, I felt so safe with him in your care.”

“A lovely organised fun space.”

“I was always struck by how visually inviting the rooms were – so ordered and clean, with beautiful displays to provoke engagement from the children.”

“Could never fault the nursery – always clean and bright.[Child] was always excited to go to nursery.”

“I am always so impressed with how beautiful the surroundings are for the children, and love to see ‘the changing seasons’ in all their work.”

Quality of Staff - Feedback from parents:

“The most wonderful selection of teachers – most of which remain which shows it must be a lovely environment to work in too.”

“The staff are what makes Rocking Horse, Rocking Horse. They are truly exceptional and the most professional, skilled and caring teachers, while also encouraging each child to meet his or her own potential.”

“[Child] has learnt so much and her musical side has been encouraged.”

“Rocking Horse ladies should rule the world!”

“After putting both my children through the nursery, I couldn’t fault the staff, they are all fantastic teachers and had no worries leaving my children.”

“My children (past and present) both speak so highly of you all which I think is the highest compliment!”

“Rocking Horse have engaged with [Child’s] speech therapist and endeavoured to assist his speech and language development.”