Ofsted Reports

The Rocking Horse was awarded 'Outstanding' in all areas of its most recent Ofsted Inspection of the nursery (2015).

The areas measured were:

  • Helping children to achieve well and enjoy what they do
  • Protecting children from harm and neglect and helping them stay safe
  • Helping children to be healthy 
  • Helping children to make a positive contribution

The following are some extracts from the Ofsted report:

  • "Relationships with parents are good and the staff work hard to engage with parents"
  • "Staff provide an outstanding quality of teaching. Learning opportunities are of high quality both inside and outdoors. As a result, children are very eager to learn and explore."
  • "Behaviour in this setting is excellent"
  • "The deployment of resources, including the highly committed, experienced and well qualified staff team, is exceptionally good, which impacts positively in all aspects of the children's care and education"
  • "The environment is simulating, the care nurturing and the atmosphere conductive to high quality learning opportunities"
  • "The management team has an excellent understanding of how children learn. As a result, planning and assessment is precise and tailored to children's individual needs."
  • "Children demonstrate they feel secure in this setting. They approach staff without hesitation and smile and laugh often"
  • "Children demonstrate an excellent understanding of which foods are good for them"
  • "The staff team works exceptionally well together. They create a relaxed, stimulating and fun environment where each child can reach their full potential."
  • "Children demonstrate that they very much enjoy their time and are fully engaged with the wide range of activities on offer"

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