We aim to provide a structured environment in which children can develop at their own pace, providing ample opportunity for exploration and learning, giving them a firm basis of school life before starting primary education.

We promote equal opportunities for all children. The nursery welcomes children with disabilities, special educational needs, as well as children with English as an additional language. 

We follow, to an outstanding standard, the goals determined by the Early Years Foundation Stage, within the Development Matters guidelines. Each child's allocated key person plans for their individual interests and developmental needs and next steps in their learning. 

We work in close partnership with children's parents and guardians, involving them in their child's learning. 


We promote wellbeing & involvement

  • Exercise and healthy eating
  • A choice of healthy snacks
  • Fresh air and outdoor play
  • Manners and friendship
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Discovery of new skills, ensuring that learning is fun and exciting
  • High expectations of all children

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